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The Muse ceremony held last winter was a delight, both in how it came together, and in the personal essence that each participant brought to the circle.  I am honored to facilitate these art ceremonies.  I plan to offer 4 Muses, summer and fall 2011 dates are listed below, winter and spring dates will be set later. Each session is limited to 6 people. 
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The Muse

Sometimes I think I am more plant than people
Not that I am smooth and mellow like the trees
Or so gentle as the daisy
I am more like the crocus
Bursting color through snow.
More like couch grass
A web of roots impossible to destroy.
How I love to feel the breezy sun day
My skin opening
Fingers seeking the dark earth
The community of green my home.
This is not the garden of bliss
This is the garden of faith
This is not the garden of reason
This is the garden of the twins feeding each other
Death and Life
One root, inseparable

The muse is an unfathomable force that lives within and around us. It is creation. Many of us have forgotten the physical sense and presence of the Muse. We knew it as children and at moments of great transitions in our lives. We sense the deep importance of turning our attention to creativity for its own sake. Not for profit or fame or some unreachable place in the psyche, but as an active and lively intercourse with our own personal nature as creative beings. The call to create is a gift that frees the spirit. So take a chance, artist, whether or not you have picked up a brush or a pen in years! You know who you are. You know you are called. Come home to the safety of creating in a circle of souls that hear the call and answer it with courage and curiosity, grounding it in the earth. This is a fully immersive creative arts experience. We will explore and hunt the gifts of psyche and through our intent and commitment, infuse the work of our hands with the spirit of creation

Each day will begin by gathering in circle, after which we will take solitary walks in the landscape: spend the afternoons creating art, alone or together, inside or outside.  In the evenings, we will gather again for storytelling, mirroring and sharing our creations.   Ceramic and painting studios are fully equipped and available throughout the day and evening. Email Emerald for more information.
Cochiti Lake campground is within walking distance to my studio. Sites are $12 per night and can be shared with 7 people and two cars. Reservations at There are many modestly priced motels in Santa Fe, about a 30 minute drive

Fees: Summer Muse, Aug 18 –21, 2011
Sliding scale $500 to $850

Fall Muse, Mid-October, 2011 DBA
(3 days, Fri, Sat, Sun)
Sliding scale $450-$800

Art supplies and NM state taxes included
Maximum Enrollment 6


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